Friday the 13th!

Happy, Lucky Friday the 13th!
Do you love or hate or not care about 13? It's playful so I like it! Fun fact, I have a number 13 tattoo that I got on a Friday the 13th for 13 bucks, and 7 dollar tip (for good luck)! HA! I don't know if it was the best decision I've ever made (it wasn't) but I have that memory and that weird connection to this lovely superstitious day forever, don't be jealous ;).

So to celebrate today, the awesome month of halloween, and probably one of the best holiday movies ever-I created this cake topper!


I use a cricut silhouette to cut out patterns, but with a little bit of patience and an xacto knife-you got this! Use this cake topper during your halloween party, movie night, or just for fun!


So whether you're superstitious or kindastitious download here. Hope you enjoy! xo

Creative Process

We all know those weeks that every day seems like Monday but you feel like it should almost be Friday, then realize it's only Tuesday?! Well, you guessed it-it's one of those weeks for me.

The creative process is not always an easy one. Sometimes things just click and everything looks good! Other times, not so much. A little bit about my creative process consists of:

1. View tons of visual inspiration
2. Sketch it out
3. Brainstorm color combos
4. Take a break, cook something, play with my pups
5. Start the design on computer


All of that works most of the time but something that I really like and seems to be a new and fun way to grab inspiration is >printing inspiration< to have a constant visual. Pinterest is awesome and all but I like having it in my face during the creation process.


If the design doesn't feel right, I start over. I can't deliver it to my brides if I wouldn't love it as my own. Ya know? Ok, I'm off my soap box now. I'm feeling better and finally have ideas flowing through my head after two long days of nothing! Thanks for reading, feel free to let me know your tips and tricks to getting inspired. xo!

Printable Treat Bags

I love that I really get to soak up all of the holidays this year. I'm drawing it out and squeezing all the fun/memories out of every bit. This is my first year working from home and it's a new, amazing, fantastical experience that I don't want to take for granted. That being said, I am going to be bringing you so many extra goodies I wasn't able to before!

I posted a fun halloween dinner party earlier this week and now I'm giving you some cute treat bags you can use for your parties, trick or treat baggies, or like me-I'll be turning it into a church arts and crafts activity for my girls. It probably will have a more appropriate saying though ;).

Funny thing, when I started the designs it went from very halloween to day of the dead to cinco de mayo?? I went ahead and went with it, who says halloween is only orange and black?!


Download the treat bag template here and the gift tag template here. Hope you enjoy!

Totes a Giveaway!

To celebrate getting back to business and re-launching our brand/ website I am giving away TOTES! Through the month of October you can add totes to your wedding list (for FREE)! The great thing is you create the type of tote you'd like! They are great for but not limited to: Save the Dates, Bridal Party Gifts, Personal Gift, Whatever-you'd-like-to-put-on-the-tote-gift!

Simply send me your details via Etsy and we'll get started!

Halloween Dinner Party

I can't believe it's October! This is the fastest year of my life, probably because it's my last one in my 20's but who knows! Yes, I think about that too often but let's think about something a little less odd like....HALLOWEEN! What's your halloween style? Do you like staying in? Throwing a party? Dressing up and hitting the town with your crew? I must say, I'm the home-body staying in and passing out candy. I love seeing the kid's costumes! I also dress up. The past couple of years the hubby and I have done some couples, Bethenny Frankel and Andy Cohen (don't act like you don't LOVE rhw), sugar skull faces with the theme of "til' death do us part" and this year I don't know! Any suggestions? I'm recently obsessed with the show Narcos so that's crossed my mind, but who knows-it's kinda dark.

Thanks for reading but let's get to what we're here for...pretty PAPER! I've created a few different styles I'll be sharing leading up to the halloween holiday. If you're a fan just let me know and I'll fill in your info on the pieces and send them to you so you can use them for your event!


Hope you enjoy!