What to include in your Invitation Suite?

Let's face it everyone you come by in the wedding industry is going to try to up sell you. The last thing you want when planning your wedding is extra (unnecessary) costs. It happened to me all.the.time and I hated it! I refuse to do that to my brides. You're already trusting me to produce the FIRST.THING.YOUR.GUESTS.SEE so why would I try and lose your trust?

I offer a stationery checklist so you don't forget certain details or so you can see the possibilities, but some things you simply do not need depending on your wedding. So you're asking yourself, what's in an invitation suite? What do I need to add? What can I live without?

Your standard suite comes with 1. Invitation 2. Reply Card + Envelope 3. Main Envelope. Which is what most weddings need. Tell your guests the who, what, where and you receive the true guest list in return. Perfect.


I am here to answer questions. Send them my way 24/7. It is my pleasure to make you feel at ease during your buying experience.


You're Engaged! Now what?

Happy New Year! It's been so long, but I hope all of you had a good break!
I'm sure some of your holiday breaks consisted of getting engaged! If so, congratulations!!
Now, the fun part...planning!

In case you're thinking now what?? we're going to make the paper process an easy one! First up, Save the Dates. Print this out and keep it with you while planning and don't forget our Stationery Checklist!

Oh, and did I mention....We're offering 100 free Save the Dates when you purchase at least $500 worth of Invitations! Purchase in the month of January to enjoy this offer.

Visit our etsy shop or email us to begin creating your Wedding Stationery!


Helpful Tips for Print-Yourself Stationery

You might be on the fence about trying print-yourself stationery but don't be. It really is simple and to start you off I wanted to provide a few tips.


Just because you're printing at home doesn't mean it can't look like it came from a professional printer! I hope you find this helpful and if you have any questions just ask! We're happy to help.

Printable Wedding Invitations

Good news! Some of our most popular designs are becoming print-yourself invitations.


[ Our Print-It-Yourself Wedding Invitation templates will be customized with all of your personal details and then sent to you as a PDF file that you can print at home or at a local print shop. It's the design quality you expect, without shipping costs or production time. Your template is yours to edit and re-download, as many times as you need. If you have any questions, please contact us. ]

Shop design here.

Thanksgiving Place Cards

First off, Happy Friday! Second, here are some place card templates for your upcoming gatherings! You may be throwing a Friendsgiving this weekend or prepping for the big day! Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away?! I feel like I'm always talking about how fast time is going, but it's true!


I'm not doing either this weekend, but that's because...1. I'm not a great big fan of hosting, because messes are not my thing and 2. We are so so SO lucky to have my parents 5 minutes away so we always do Thanksgiving there! My mom is Mexican and my dad is a Chef, so yeah-we eat good...all.the.time. So instead, I'll be shopping!


BUT, for the rest of you who are hostess with the mostess-here's a couple of downloads to make your dinner memorable and personal!


You can write your guest names in or download the font (provided below). I hope you enjoy!!

Floral Placecard
Pattern Placecard

It's the Holiday Season!

Even though it's 85 degrees outside (get it together Houston!!!). Either way it's exciting! Who doesn't love a ton of family time with a ton of food?! I mean that's the perfect combo!

Since it's the holiday season people are thinking about presents! One of our clients who loved our otomi tags turned them into her gift tags! Great idea, huh?


I give her all the credit! So they don't have to be just for bridal events they can be for any event! Change the color, ribbon, size, text, what ever you'd like! They are completely custom just like all of our other products. To shop them, click here.

Hope you enjoy!! xo


Printable Christmas Cards

Are here!! It's crazy to think about ordering your Christmas Cards but it's already November 6th! Well I've made it easy for you! You can still order your cards from us OR you can now order a printable! We have a few designs on our Etsy-but feel free (like always) to create your own!


I look forward to designing for you! Hope you enjoy! xo

Hello November

I can not believe Halloween is over and we're planning for Thanksgiving?! It's so fun but it feels like it's going too fast! But before that we have Dia de los Muertos!


In honor of the holiday I introduce to you our Sayulita, Mexico Wedding Invitation! I love the colors and traditional flower art throughout the piece.


This design will be up on our shop soon. I will be posting it along with a month long sale we'll be having! Stay tuned!

Feliz Dia de los Muertos! xo

trick or TREAT!

Happy Halloween! It is so hard to believe it's already here! To celebrate the kick-off of the holiday season I am running a ONE DAY SPECIAL! Visit our Etsy site and use promo code HALLOWEEN for $100 off of your Wedding Stationery! 


More details on my Etsy! Hope to work with you soon!