Our Story

For Better or Best is a revamped design company that used to be called dove designs stationery but that just seemed a bit too long and it was time for a change. My main focus when starting For Better or Best was to create a place for brides and grooms to go to, to buy and customize their stationery. I wanted to create a stationery company where you could find something you loved or where you have the opportunity to make all of the cute ideas in your head a reality. A place where you can find better quality, the best designs, a better price, and the best service.

For Better or Best was founded by me, Karilyn (it’s like Marilyn, but with a K) in the summer of 2011. That wasn’t too long after graduating college and not too long after my first design job. I knew after that job that I wanted to be in the wedding industry creating custom invitation designs. BUT that didn’t happen right away. While hustling at my first design job I also worked at a corporate job because, bills. I stuck it out with the corporate life for almost 15 years. At 28 years old I knew it was time for a change (yes, almost half of my life-I started young). I actually knew it a long time before then but it took my husband to push me that extra bit that I needed to finally say, I’m ready to pursue my dream, full on (thanks boo!).

I look forward to working with you and hope you find this stationery checklist helpful as you begin your wedding stationery journey!